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Almond Pâté (Raw)

Alpine Lace Mushroom Quesadillas


Antipasto Crescents

Antipasto Rice

Antojitos (lactose-free)

Appetizer Pate Cheesecake

Appetizer Pizza

Appetizer Roll-Ups

Artichoke Canapé

Artichoke Hummus

Artichoke Ham Bites

Asparagus Ham Swirls

Asparagus Picnic Rolls

Asian Beef Bites

Aunty Leilani's Pinenesse Logs

Bacon-Almond-Cheese Triangles

Bacon And Smoked Oysters

Bacon Roll-Ups

Baja Bites - Mexican

Baked Brie

Baked Brie with Cranberries

Baked Brie with Cranberry Chutney

Baked Dried Beef Appetizer

Baked Herb Goat Cheese

Baked Pecan Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Baked Vegetable Chips

Baked Wild Mushroom Pate with Brandy Cream and Truffle Oil

Barbecued Water Chestnuts

Basil Cheese Torta

Basic Crispy Potato Skins

Basil With Cheeses in Puff Pastry

Beer-Batter Mushrooms

Betty's Pate - Vegan

Black Olives With Orange-Garlic-Hot Pepper Marinade

Blue Cheese & Mushroom Bruschetta

Blue Cheese and Parmesan Cheese Straws

Baked Brie in Puff Pastry with Cranberry Sauce

Baked Brie with Sautéed Apples and Brown Sugar

Bing Cherry & Duck Crostini

Bing Cherry and Smoked Chicken Quesadillas

Black Bean & Corn Quesadilla

Blooming Onion--with Dip

Blue Cheese-and-Bacon Puffs

Brie Crostini with Cranberry Salsa

Brie with Rustic Fruit (With Photo)

Brie with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Bright's Smoked Salmon Medallions

Bruschetta Cubana

Bruschetta with Avocado and Green Onions

Buckwheat Blini (Yeast-risen Pancakes)

Cabbage Samosa - Indian

Cagouilles, France

Canapés with Lemon-Herb Glaze

Caramelized Onion and Tomato Crostini

Caramelized Shallot and Garlic Toast

Carol's Garbanzo Pate - Vegan

Carrot Cashew Paté

Cashew Stuffed Mushrooms

Cattleman's Spread

Celery 'Flowers'

Cheddar Cheese Spread

Cheese 'n Chutney Appetizer Pastry Wrap

Cheese Ball

Cheese Balls with Dried Tomatoes

Cheese Corn Tartlet Cups - Venezuelan

Cheese Spread

Cheese-Stuffed Mushrooms

Cherry Tomatoes Filled with Goat Cheese

Chicken & Prune Pinwheels

Chicken Liver Pate

Chicken Pearl Balls with Mango Sauce

Chicken Toastie Triangles

Chili Con Queso

Chinese Laundry Cafe's Feta And Garlic Pate

Citrus Herbed Olives

Cocktail Crisps

Cocktail Meatballs

Cold Sesame Noodles Starter

Coriander Hummus With Crispy Garlic Pita - 8 pts

Corn and Sour Cream Cakes with Smoked Salmon and Caviar

Corn Pancakes with Sour Cream & Caviar

Country Ham Biscuit Bites

Country Pate

Cowboy Caviar

Coyote Caviar

Crab and Cucumber Rolls

Crab And Tomato Quesadillas

Crab Balls

Crab Meat Spread On Green Peppers

Creamy Feta Spread

Crisp Vegetable Sushi with Thai Peanut Dip

Crostini with Feta-Chile Spread

Crostini with Figs and Nuts

Crunchy Carrot Ball

Crunchy Cucumber Spread

Crunchy Vegetable Cheese Ball

Crunchy Phyllo Rolls

Curried Chicken and Almond Rolls

Curried Lentil Pate - Veg

Curried Shrimp Balls

Curry Korokke (Japanese Potato Dumpling)


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Date Gems (Savory)

Denise Lemonetti's Antipasto Stuffed Strawberries (Recipe Winner)

Deviled Eggs with Sweet Relish

Deviled Ham

Deviled Ham 2

Diabetic Low Fat Almond Mushroom Pate - Veggie

Dill Lemon Smoked Salmon Pate

Doug Rodriguez's Ecuadorian Shrimp Ceviche

Drop-Dead Trout Spread - Smoker

Ear Wax Wieners On Cotton Swabs

Eating Well's Bedeviled Eggs

Eggplant Appetizer

Egg Rolls

Eggplant Appetizer Rolls

Eggs Stuffed with Ham and Herbs

Egyptian Herbed Hummus - 2 pts

Emeril's Corn Cakes With Caviar And Traditional Garnishes

Exotic Mushroom Pate

Fagioli Toscanelli (Tuscan Bean and Tuna Antipasto)

Feta-Herb Spread

Feta-Peppercorn Spread

Feta with Herb Cheese Puffs

Foie Gras Pate with Peppery Citrus Marmalade

Frank's Creamy Mushroom Pate

Frank's Low Fat Mushroom Pate - Vegan 1 pt

Frank's Mushroom Pate - Vegan

Fried Feta Cheese and Black Olives With Oregano - Greek

Fried Feta Squares

Fried Fish Nugget Appetizers

Fried Wontons With Orange Dipping Sauce

Fruit-and-Nut Cheese Ball

Gail's Dipping Oil

Garlic Feta Cheese Spread on Cucumber Rounds

Garlic-Parsley Finger Sandwiches

Goat Cheese ­ Stuffed Jalapenos with Ranchero Sauce

Goat Cheese and Tomato Tart

Goats Cheese and Potato Won Tons

Gorgonzola and Olive Stuffed Grape Leaves (No Cook)

Gorgonzola, Apple and Toasted Pecan Filo Rolls

Gorgonzola-Stuffed Figs

Gorgonzola Stuffed Grilled Mushrooms

Greek Split Pea Spread - 1 pt (EatingWell)

Grilled Antipasto Skewers

Grilled Mozzarella and Tomato

Grilled Portobello w/Sun Dried Tomato & Goat Cheese Pate on Salad Greens

Grilled Stuffed Jalapeno Chiles

Gruyère Herb Puffs

Guilt Free Nachos

Ham and Cheese Spread

Hanky Panks

Herbed Feta Cheese Spread

Holiday Appetizer Strudel

Honey Citrus Olives

Honey Roasted Holiday Mix

Hot and Spicy Peanuts

Hot Cheese Puffs

Hot Sausage Snacks

Humus with Sweet Pepper

Inari Sushi (Seasoned Tofu Pouches)

Indian Cheese Spread

It's Greek to Me's Spicy Hot Feta Cheese Spread - Htipiti

Jalapeno Pinwheels

Jimmy Carter's Cheese Ring

Keo's Thai Spring Rolls

Killarney Potato Balls

Kumcha's Egg Rolls - 2 pts

Layered Salmon Crepes with Spinach Mayonnaise

Lemon Olives With Vermouth

Lima Bean Spread with Cumin and Herbs

Lime Vinaigrette Chips

Loempia Na Carne (Philippine Pork Spring Rolls)

Maki-Zushi (Rolled Sushi) with Sushi Meshi (Vinegared Rice)

Marinated Citrus Olives

Marinated Feta Cheese with Lemon and Shallot

Marinated Feta Cheese with Capers

Marinated Mozzarella

Maryland Crab Shells

Mexican Appetizer Cheesecake

Mexican Pinwheels

Mexican Treat

Mikki's Vegan Pate

Mini Cheese and Onion Pastries

Mini Greek Pizza Muffins

Mini Open-Faced Corn Cake and Salmon Salad Sandwich with Beluga Caviar

Mock Country Pate

Mock Guacamole

Montezuma's Mountain

Muhammara (Turkish Walnut, Red Bell Pepper and Cumin Spread) - Vegan

Mushrooms Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Sausage

Mustard Seed Cheddar Sticks

Olivada Spread

Olive Pepper Pinwheels

Olives in Cheese Pastry

Olives With Herbs De Provence

Onion/Apple Compote Crostini

Onion Cake

Orange Fruit Dip

Oven-Fried Spring Rolls - 3 Points

Papaya Spring Rolls With Peanut Sauce

Parmesan Tuna Spread

Party Crudite Platter

Pear and Cream Cheese Hors d'Oeuvres

Pecan Cheddar Crisps

Pepper Salad Appetizer

Peppery Cheese Puffs

Pesto Party Squares

Pickled Pink Egg Appetizers

Pineapple Cream Cheese Spread

Poblano and Rosemary Potato Quesadillas (With Photo)

Polenta Rounds (appetizers)

Prawn Cocktail 2000

Prosciutto and Parmesan Pinwheels

Prosciutto and Parmesan Pinwheels 2

Prosciutto Caramelle

Pumpkin Cheese Ball

Pumpkin Tomato Bruschetta


Red's Veggie Pate - Vegan

Rustic Jicama Appetizer with Red Chile and Lime - Mexican

Rye Party Puffs

Salmon Seviche

Santa Fe Hummus - 7 pts

Sardine Puffs

Sausage Balls

Sausage Mushroom Appetizer

Savannah's Elegant Holiday Pate - Vegan 3 pts

Savory Salmon Cheese Ball

Scarecrows on Sticks

Serious Herb Cheese Spread

Sesame-Cheese Spread

Sesame Crusted Tuna Balls With Ginger

Shakshouka (Thechouka) For 1

Shrimp and Crescent Pinwheels

Shrimp Provencal

Shrimp Canapés

Shrimp Plate

Shrimp Stuffed Mirletons

Sicilian Sardine Antipasto

Sinéad's Sunflower Paté

Smoked Salmon, Anchovy and Red Pepper Toasts

Smoky Chipotle Hummus With Garlic Bagel Chips - 1 Pt

Spinach and Feta Stuffed Phyllo Shells

Smoked Almonds

Smoked Salmon Spread - Norwegian (Low Carb)

Smoky Cheese Spread

Smoky Cowboy Quesadillas by Cooking Light

Some-Like-It-Hot Cheeseball

Southern Living Feta Cheese Spread

Spanish Sardines

Spanish Tomato Toast

Spiced Nuts

Spicy Cabbage Wontons

Spicy Stuffed Mushrooms With Bacon

Spicy Sweet Potato Won Tons

Spinach Triangles

Spinach Roll-ups

Stacked Cheese Puffs

Steamed Shao-Mai Dumplings with Young Ginger

Strained Eye Balls

Stuffed Cucumber

Stuffed Eggs With Rice Salad

Stuffed Figs with Marsala

Stuffed Grape Leaves

Stuffed Hot Peppers

Stuffed Jalapeños

Stuffed Mussels

Stuffed Olives

Sugared Pecans

Sun-Dried Tomato Cheese Balls

Sun-Dried Tomato Olives

Sun-Dried Tomato Spread

Sunflower Pate - Vegan

Sweet Onion Blossom For 1

Sweet Onion Spread

Sweet Potato Chips with Sour Cream and Chili Sauce Dip

Sweet Rusks - Anise Toast


Taco Cheese Appetizer

Taramosalata 1

Taramosalata 2

Taramosalata 3

Tea Eggs (Cha Yeh Tan)

Texas Caviar (Biker)

Thai Mini Spring Rolls

Therese's Chestnut Pate - Vegan

Tofu Porcini Mushroom Pate - Vegan 4 pts

Tomato and Anchovy Toasts

Tomato and White Bean Crostini (Italian) - Vegan

Tomato Mozzarella Toast

Tomato/Mozzarella Appetizers

Tortilla Rollups

Tracey's White Bean Pate - Vegan 1 pt

Tropical Cream Cheese Spread

Tuna Caper Spread - 1 pt

Turkey And Leek Phyllo Tartlets

Turkey Spring Rolls

Two Pepper Bruschetta

Vegetable Nachos

Vegetable Wontons - 2 pts

Vegetarian Chopped Liver I

Vegetarian Chopped Liver II

Vidalia Sweet Onion Tarts

Vidalia Sweet Onion Wedgies

Vietnamese Corn and Coconut Fritters (Cha Bap Ran)

Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls - 2 pts

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Warm Blueberry Brie

Watermelon Kicks

Yellow Split Pea Fritters - Indian - 5 pts

Zippy Shrimp Spread


Crepes With Chicken Florentine

Crepes With Chicken Marengo

Crepes with Chicken, Ham, & Mushrooms

Low Calorie Crepes 

Maple Walnut Crêpes

Ricotta Cheese Crepes With Persimmon Apricot Marmalade


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Medium Cream Sauce for Crepes 


Amorous Pesto (Greek Feta Dip)

Armenian Bean and Walnut Paté

Artichoke Cheese Dip

Artichoke Hummus - 3 pts

Artichoke Spread

Artichoke-Scallion Dip with Herbs (AICR)

Asian Peanut Dip - 1 pt (EatingWell)

Asparagus Dip

Avocado Dipping Sauce

Avocado Hummus -- 10 pts

Avocado Ranch Salad Dressing (or Vegetable Dip)

Bacon-Cheese Dip

Bagna Cauda - Anchovy and Garlic Dip - Piedmont, Italy

Baja Shrimp Dip in a Breadbowl

Baked Chili-Cheese Spread

Basil Dip

Basil Nicoise Olive Brandade

Black Bean and Green Chile Con Queso

Black-Eyed Pea Dip

Black-Eyed Pea Dip (EatingWell) - 1 pt.

Blue Cheese and Toasted Pecan Spread

Blue Cheese Dip

Blueberry Cheese Spread

Bold Beer Cheese Dip

Carrot Cashew Paté

Chicken-Liver Pate

Chickpea Dip

Chili Cheese Dip

Christmas Cheese Ball

Clam-Cream Cheese Dip

Coconut Dip for Fruit

Cranberry Bleu Cheese Spread (Elaine's)

Cream Cheese Dip with Dried Fruit and Nuts

Creamy Artichoke Spread

Creamy Carrot Dip

Creamy Hot Beef Dip

Crispy Crab Rangoons

Cuban Black Bean Dip with Habanero Peppers - Vegan

Curried Bean Dip (AICR)

Curried Shrimp Balls

Debby's Hot Layered Dip

Dill Dip or Sauce

Drunken Tuna Dip

Egyptian Bissara - Dried Fava Bean Dip

Feta, Bean and Herb Dip with Crudites

Feta Cheese Spread (Southern Living)

Feta Radish Spread

Freida's Vegetarian Gyozas - Potstickers

Fried-up Chili Dip

Garlic & Feta Cheese Dip LF

Garlic Cheese Dip

Greek Style Bean Paté

Green Herb Dip


Guacamole Dip

Hawaiian Pate

Herbed Eggplant Dip

Herbed Feta Spread

Hot Broccoli Dip


Hot Chipped Beef Dip

Hot Clam Dip

Hot Crab and Artichoke Dip

Hot Crab Dip

Hot Crab Dip -- Baltimore's Best

Hot Crabmeat Dip

Humus with Sweet Pepper

Kat's Hot Spinach Dip & Pitas

Kickin' Buffalo Chicken Dip

Layered Dip Idea from Stacey

Lemony Hummus with Crudités

Lentil Hummus with Pomegranate Molasses and Mint - 5 pts

Mexican Bean Dip (From Down Under)

Mint Yogurt Dip

Monterey Pumpkin Dip

Party Dip

Peanut Butter Dip

Pina Colada Dip

Queso Fundido - Melted Cheese

Quick and Spicy Black-eyed Pea Dip

Quick, Easy -N- Fast Creamy Red Pepper Dip

Red Lentil Hummus - 2 pts

Ring of Fire Pumpkin Seed Dip - Vegan

Roasted Red Pepper Dip - 1 pt

Roasted Sweet Onion Dip CL

Seven Layer Mexican Dip

Sheila Lukins Corn Cakes & Caviar

Shredded Cabbage and Tahini Dip - Egyptian

Shrimp Dip

Shrimp Dip

Shrimp Olive Tapenade

Sicilian Tomato Spread

Simple Creamy Feta Dressing/Dip

Skorthalia #1

Skorthalia #2

Skorthalia (Garlic Sauce)

Skorthalia (Greek Garlic Dip)

Smoked Bluefish Pate (Joan's)

Smoky Guacamole

Sour Cream and Roasted Red Pepper Dip - WW 1 pt

Southwestern Hummus - 5 pts

Spiced Red-Pepper Hummus - 3 pts

Spicy Pumpkin Dip

Spinach-Feta Cheese Dip

Spinach and Artichoke Dip (Houston's)

Spinach Dip

Spinach-Tofu Dip

Spring Green Hummus - 10 pts

Sundried Tomato Cheese Balls

Sun-Dried Tomato Dip

Sweet Potato Chips with Sour Cream and Chili Sauce Dip

Sweet Potato Hummus with Candied Peppers, Pistachios, and Feta - 2 pts

Tahinomelo - Greek Sesame (Tahini) Honey Spread

Tapenade Take Two

Texas Favorite Party Dip

Tirokafteri - Greek Spiced Cheese Spread

Tunisian Vegetable Dip - Keftegie

Walnut Feta Yogurt Dip - 3 pts

White Bean Guacamole Dip with Chips - 4 pts

White Bean and Sun-Dried Tomato Pate

Whole Foods Non-dairy Onion Dip - Vegan

Yellow Split Pea Puree Dip - Vegan For 1


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American Fritters

Amish Tomato Fritters

Bunuelos a la Veracruzana - Mexican

Cajun Oyster Fritters (With Photo)

Caribe Pumpkin Fritters

Chickpea Fritters with Couscous - Indian Vegetarian

Chinese Aubergine Stuffed Fritters

Codfish Fritters (Jamaica Stamp n' Go)

Corn Fritters

Cuban Black Eyed Pea Fritters

Crab Fritters

English Eggplant Fritters with Herbs

French Herb Fritters

Hungarian Cherries in Rum Fritter

Italian Ricotta Fritters

New Orleans Choux Fritters

New Year's Raisin Fritters

Okinawan Sweet Fritters

Oyster Cornmeal Fritters

Oyster Fritters the Easy Way

Salsify Fritters

Savory Garlic Ginger Chickpea Fritters with Thai Peanut Sauce

South African Pumpkin Fritters

South African Sweet Potato Fritters

Split Pea Fritters (Meenakshi Vada)

Split Pea Fritters in Spicy Sauce (Pakode ki Bhaji)

Sweet Potato Fritters with Scallion Pesto


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