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William Butler wrote:
"Doubtless God
could have made a
better berry, but
doubtless God
never did."

Spring and early summer is the time for berry picking. Strawberries have been in the fields for sometime, depending where you live. They are in the supermarket, farmers' markets, and at the road-side produce stands.

The Strawberry
Dipped in Chocolate

Strawberry dipped in chocolate.....  could life be any better?

Cultivated strawberry varieties belong to the Rosaceae family and are mainly derived from two species, Fragaria virginia and F. chiloensis.

Flourishing in a broad variety of soils, strawberries are not particularly sensitive to acidity or alkalinity and have adapted to a larger range of climate than any other temperate-region fruit. Strawberries are susceptible to drought, however, and often require irrigation by furrow or sprinkler.

The strawberry fruit is the stem end in which are partially embedded the many true fruits or seeds.

Because strawberries are highly perishable and do not lend themselves to be picked mechanically, they are usually grown near areas where manual labor is available. Strawberries are produced commercially for processing as frozen, canned or preserved berries, or as juice.

The tempting berries are also popularly used in making preserves and pie fillings. Strawberry shortcake, composed of fresh strawberries, sponge cake and whipped cream, is an American favorite. For some other great ideas, visit our Strawberry Recipes!

Pick a berry on the right and go explore. You will find more information to give you a little history; help you select, prepare, and store strawberries; and some super recipes.

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Strawberry Central at FareShare
The History of the Strawberry, more or less!
Tips on selecting, preparing, and storing strawberries.
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