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The recipes listed on this page include a photo so you can see what the final result might look like. These recipes have been used in "Special Chats" or have been contributed to the Gazette with photos. Browse the list and enjoy!

Angel Food Cake with Chocolate Variation

Baked Cinnamon Pears

Baked Potatoes With Spiced Beef Chili

Breading for Fresh Caught Trout

Blue Cheese-Stuffed Chicken with Buffalo Sauce

Brie with Rustic Fruit

Brown Bear Cupcakes

Burger Cake

Burnt Sugar Candy Bar Cake

Caramelized Mango-lime Tapioca

Carrot Wedding Cake and Almond Frosting

Carrot Cake with White Chocolate Icing

Cherry-Almond Bars

Chicken & Vegetable Pot Pies W/Dilled Biscuit Topping

Chicken Pot Pie ala Art

Chicken Scaloppini with Lemon-Caper Sauce Recipe

Chile Fried Squid with Onion Salad

Chocolate Chunk, Orange and Hazelnut Cookies

Chocolate Crunch Layer Cake W/Milk Chocolate Frosting

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cake ala Doris

Chocolate Strawberry Bread Pudding

Chocolate Strawberry Cake (Talia's)

Chocolate Strawberry Port Cake

Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake

Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake

Chocolate Truffle Raspberry Cheesecake

Chocolate Vanilla Slice

Chocolate-Orange Blossom Cake

Chocolate-Orange Bundt Cake

Coconut Shrimp with Spicy Banana Dipping Sauce

Cookie Cake Pie

Country Ham Preparation and Recipes

Cranberry-Onion Pork Roast

Cream Cheese Brownie Pie  

Crown Roast Of Pork With Sausage and Apple Stuffing

Crusty Mustard Pork Loin

Dilled Smoked-Salmon Hash

Eastern Shore (Oyster) Scallop

Fish Moilee

Fresh Strawberry Bars

Fried Zuchinni Squash

Giant Chocolate-Toffee Cookies

Grand Marnier Brownie Kisses

Grilled Tuna with Honey-Herb Sauce

Herbed Chicken in Pastry

Herbed Green Beans

Honey, Anise and Almond Biscotti

Hot Brownie Sundae

Inferno Mary

Italian Sausage and Mozzarella Frittata

Jalapeno Half-Shelled Oyster and Crab

Jenny's Kitchen

Lemon Chiffon Cake

Lemon Grass-Shrimp Soup

Maki-Zushi (Rolled Sushi) with Sushi Meshi (Vinegared Rice)

Moist Gingerbread Cake With Lemon Glaze

Mushrooms Stuffed with Goat Cheese and Sausage

Orange Cheesecake With Caramel-Orange Sauce

Oyster Creole

Oyster Fritters

Oysters Italiano

Oyster Shooter

Paella Valencia

Peppered Steak with Two Mustard Cream Sauce

Phyllo-Wrapped Salmon 

Pineapple Cake

Plank-Cooked Brie with Peach Chutney

Plank-Cooked Chicken

Plank-Cooked Salmon

Poblano and Rosemary Potato Quesadillas

Pork Chili Verde Enchiladas

Praline Pumpkin Torte

Puffball Mushroom and Potato Soup

Radicchio Salad With Spanish Blue Cheese & Peppered Almonds

Reuben Strata

Rib Eye Roast

Salmon with Spicy Pesto

Sausage and Bacon Stuffed Pork Loin

Sausage-Stuffed Red Sweet Peppers

Scallops with Ginger

Shrimp All'Arrabbiata


Smoked Salmon-Whiskey Bisque

Spring Rolls with Thai Peanut Butter Sauce

Strawberry Lemondrift Pie

Strawberry Pastries

Stuffed Turkey Burgers and 729 Alternatives

Succulent Sweet Potatoes

Summer Berry Tart

Toffee-Tiramisu Layer Cake

Tomato-Onion Phyllo Pizza

Tropical Ambrosia Trifle

Trout Baked Irish Style

Tuna Noodle Casserole (Talia's)

Vanilla Slice

White Asparagus Salad

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cheesecake

White Wedding Cake by Bea

Yellow Tomato Gazpacho with Crab Relish

Zapata's Revolution

  Chocolate-Vanilla Slice




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