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Plank Cooking

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This Material Comes From the Cuisine Magazine
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Our son, daughter-in-law, and grandson visited us a couple of years ago. Curtis is a Personal Chef and loves to cook for his clients.   Check out the hat!

We both subscribe to Cuisine Magazine and he brought his August 2001 issue along, planning to prepare Doris and I a special Anniversary Dinner. So, here you will find information about our adventure and preparation, as well as the majority of the material from the magazine.

Plank Cooking

Imagine the flavor of campfire cooking without packing the car, sleeping on rocks, or getting near a can of bug repellent. This isn’t a dream—it’s plank cooking!

Everything tastes better cooked outdoors over an open fire. But when pitching a tent and building a fire are not practical, plank cooking just might be an alternative.

The technique isn’t new. Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest had been cooking fish on planks over fire long before anyone else got wind of it. But now it’s trendy — no-hassle camping flavor. And the food tastes great.

There are other benefits too. Plank cooking is simple, impressive, and most of all, versatile.

The recipe provided in the Table of Contents features chicken thigh-leg pieces called hindquarters (they have a lot of fat and tend to absorb plank smoke well). But you can just as well use chicken breasts, beef tenderloin, pork chops, fish fillets. Curtis used chicken breasts with the bone in. Even Brie is transformed by the plank’s powers, see the recipe at Plank-Cooked Brie.

It’s a taste of the great outdoors, right in your backyard!

From Cuisine Magazine



Curtis Guyer, Chef


Plank Cooking Table of Contents

Picking a Plank
Plank FAQs
The Brine
Cooking on Wood
Plank-Cooked Chicken
Plank-Cooked Brie
Planked Shrimp and Scallops

You can substitute salmon for the chicken in the "Plank-Cooked Chicken Recipe" by simply omitting the pineapple wedges.  The planked salmon pictured on the left was prepared by Curtis Guyer of CurtisCooks in October 2004 for a client having 12 dinner guests.

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