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All you ever wanted to know about APPLES!
  • In ancient Greece, tossing an apple to a girl was a traditional proposal of marriage; catching it was acceptance.
  • The Lady or Api apple is one of the oldest varieties in existence. 
  • In colonial time apples were called winter banana or melt-in-the-mouth. 
  • Newton Pippin apples were the first apples exported from America in 1768, some were sent to Benjamin Franklin in London. 
  • In 1730 the first apple nursery was opened in Flushing, New York. 
  • One of George Washington's hobbies was pruning his apple trees. 
  • America's longest-lived apple tree was reportedly planted in 1647 by Peter Stuyvesant in his Manhattan orchard and was still bearing fruit when a derailed train struck it in 1866. 
  • Apple varieties range in size from a little larger than a cherry to as large as a grapefruit. 
  • The largest apple on record weighed 3 pounds 4 ounces and was grown by the Hanners Family of Hood River, Oregon in 1994.
  • Apples harvested from an average tree can fill 20 boxes that weigh 42 pounds each. 
  • A peck of apples weight 10.5 pounds. 
  • A bushel of apples weights about 42 pounds and will yield 20-24 quarts of applesauce. 
  • The science of apple growing is called pomology. 
  • Apples are a member of the rose family. 
  • Apple trees take four to five years to produce their first fruit.
  • Most apples are still picked by hand in the fall. 
  • Apples are propagated by two methods: grafting or budding. 
  • The apple variety ‘Delicious' is the most widely grown in the United States. 
  • Apples are grown in all 50 states. 
  • Apple blossom is the state flower of Michigan. 
  • Most apple blossoms are pink when they open but gradually fade to white. 
  • Some apple trees will grown over forty feet high and live over a hundred years. 
  • Most apples can be grown farther north than most other fruits because they blossom late in spring, minimizing frost damage. 
  • It takes the energy from 50 leaves to produce one apple. 
  • Apples are the second most valuable fruit grown in the United States. Oranges are first. 

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