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Apples, as eaten in the fresh state, are a healthy refreshing, crunchy snack. They quench your thirst and their acid content makes them a natural mouth freshener. To bite into a fresh picked apple is a memorable experience. The juice is honey sweet and spicy tart at the same time and the flesh is fragrant and crisp. The sweetness in apples comes from fructose, and unlike other snacks and desserts that are made with processed sugar, apples satisfy your sweet tooth naturally while not adversely affecting your blood sugar. 

Fructose causes your body to increase it's blood sugar levels at a slower pace which allows you to maintain a more desirable level longer. This means all that great apple energy sticks with you and you can forget counting calories. Apples are the second most important of all fruits sold in the supermarket, ranking next to bananas. 

Americans eat 19.6 pounds or about 65 fresh apples every year. 

Sixty-one percent of United States apples are eaten as fresh fruit. 

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