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Download Text Table Converting Ounces to Grams from 1 ounce to 10 pounds

 Gram Weights and Equivalents


Per Cup

Per Ounce
Per Teaspoon
Per Tablespoon
Baking powder, double acting     4.6 grams  
Baking soda     4.6 grams  
Butter 227     14.2 grams
Buttermilk 245 30.60 grams per fl    
Flour, all purpose 125      
Flour, whole wheat 120 15 grams per oz 2.5 grams 7.5 grams
Gelatin, unflavored 227 28.38 grams 4.7 grams  
Oil, Olive  216     13.5 grams
Oil, vegetable (liquid) 218     14.0 grams
Peanut butter 258      
Rice, white 185      
Salt, table 292      
Shortening, solid 205     12.8 grams
Sugar, brown 220   4.6 grams  
Sugar, granulated 200   4.2 grams  
Sugar, powdered 120   2.5 grams 8.0 grams
Vanilla extract 208   4.2 grams 13.0 grams
Water 237 29.57 grams    
Yeast, bakers, dry active 224 28.00 grams    
WHEN YOU CONVERT from a weight to a volume, a simple calculation may not be highly accurate in many cases.  

 Increasingly in the U.S. we encounter foods weighed in "grams" and we still live in a "teaspoons and measuring cup" country.  Sometimes we just need an estimated amount for cooking.  The chart on the left shows some basic gram to cup equivalents. You can locate a item on the chart that is similar to what you need to weigh and decide if you need to make any adjustments.

When accuracy is imperative you should purchase a scale that will weigh in grams.


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