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Agra Pudding

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Agra Pudding

Recipe By : The New Cook Book; 1905
Serving Size :   Preparation Time :0:00
Categories : Volume 11-01 Jan 2008

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
4 eggs
1 1/2 pints milk
1 tablespoon sugar
Vanilla -- to taste
1 pint boiled custard

Four eggs, one pint and a half of milk, one tablespoonful of sugar, vanilla
to taste, bread-and-butter, marmalade and one pint of boiled custard.

Cut thin slices of bread-and-butter and spread them with the marmalade. Fit
them neatly into a buttered pie-dish until it is half full; then pour over
them gradually a hot custard made of the milk heated almost to boiling,
then taken off the fire and the beaten eggs and sugar stirred in with the
flavoring. Place a small plate on the top to prevent the bread from rising
and let it soak for half an hour. Grate a little nutmeg on the top and bake
and when done turn it out of the dish and pour over it a pint of boiled

This pudding is very good, either hot or cold, especially so if French
bread can be used.

A plainer pudding may be made by omitting two of the eggs and the boiled
custard but in that case it should be sent to table in the dish in which it
is baked.

Both are very good.

From The New Cook Book; a volume of tried, tested and proven recipes by The
Ladies of Toronto and other cities and towns. Edited by Grace E. Denison
(Lady Gay of Saturday Night). The Musson Book Co., Limited, Toronto.
Entered according to Act of the Parliament of Canada, in the year one
thousand nine hundred and five, by Dan A. Rose, at the Department of

MC format by Hallie. Untried.

Hallie's comment: a person will have to 'wing' the quantities of bread
according to the size of the container. I assume the oven temperature would
be about 350F/180C and the pudding would be considered done when a tester
inserted into the center comes out without a bunch of gloppy stuff sticking
to it. As for the boiled custard one is supposed to pour over it when
serving, any favourite custard recipe should do and in a pinch, even a
cooked pudding mix might be OK.

Contributed to the FareShare Gazette by Hallie; 5 January 2008.

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