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For security reasons, we no longer support a java chat capability within our website.  However, the same capability still exists on the StarChat website.  Simply click on the StarChat icon below and follow the directions that follow.   We think this will give you a satisfying experience when you join our Saturday night chats.  If you have any questions,  Send a message to us by clicking here!

Keep in mind, you must have JAVA installed and enabled in your browser to use this chatting method.



  1. Go to the StarChat Website by clicking on the icon above, or click here.
  2. On the StarChat homepage, click on the gray CHAT box.
  3. A list of currently active chat rooms will be shown.   Scroll down the list to find "#fareshare" or press "CONTROL/F" (for Find) and type "#fareshare" in the pop-up box.  If our chat room is currently active, your browser should find our listing and highlight it. 
  4. After finding "#fareshare" in the active channel listing, click on the chat room name.  A new window will open.
  5. In the new window, type in your Nickname. If you do not have a registered nick with StarChat, put in something unique, such as Cookie579.   You may also just leave the Guest default entry.
  6. If you have a registered Nickname on StarChat, you may use that Nick.  In that case, you will need to enter your Registered Nick Password.
  7. Click on the gray box, "Connect to StarChat" and wait a few seconds for the java chat applet to load.  There you are!
  8. Type your chatter into the box at the bottom of the page and press enter.  Your statement and responses from others in the chat room will begin appearing above the box.




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